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L42 is the most affordable dual-piston amphibia
plane on the US market.

Customizable interior design

Tell your ideas to our specialists and develop your own unique style of the interior design for the luxury SUV-size cockpit of your L42.


Distribute the information about our high quality plane among your friends you will receive a discount if any of them decides to buy one.

Different types of avionics

Customize the avionics for your L42. Choose the solution that looks familiar and suits your piloting skills.

Our team


Matvey Shelochkov
Director of Operations, Test Pilot


Sergey Seleznev
Chief Design Engineer


Rinat Galimov
Production Director


Victor Romanov
Chief Operating Officer


Yevgeny Core
Director of Business Development


Artem Volovikov

6 Reasons Why Clients Love L42


The feeling of freedom

Take a quick weekend trip across the country to do some fishing, hunting, etc.


SUV-Size Cockpit

Enjoy traveling in our comfortable and roomy cockpit, comparable to an SUV. Thanks to forward-folding passenger seats, you can adjust available space for your needs (sleeping, larger luggage storage, skis, etc.)


Low fuel-consuming and reliable engines

The L42 is equipped with Austrian ROTAX engines, which are unpretentious and easy to maintain. They run on regular petrol.


Agility and versatility

Our amphibious plane is capable of landing and taking off from water, snow, or any uneven flat surface, which makes it more convenient than helicopters.


Luxury materials

Our seats are made from premium leather, wood, and steel, handcrafted for your comfort and safety.


Comfort and utility

Due to an expansive cargo bay, you will be able to bring all the luggage you need. In addition, passengers can enjoy an awesome view and walk comfortably in the lowered aisle during the flight.

Airplane dimensions and characteristics


  • Empty weight: 748 kg
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 1460 kg
  • Useful load: 499 kg
  • Seats*: 2, 4, 6, 8
  • Cargo (maximum): 10,668 m³
  • Cruise speed **: 180 km/h
  • Range**: 1600 km
  • Endurance (maximum): 7 hours

  • Ground Takeoff/Landing distance: 150..200 m
  • Water Takeoff/Landing distance: 200..300 m
  • Snow Takeoff/Landing distance: 150..200 m
  • Maximum speed: 220 km/h
  • Stall speed: 250 km/h
  • Maximum cruising altitude: 4000 m
  • Fuel consumption: 46.1 litres/h
  • .


  • Length: 8.5 m
  • Wingspan: 13.5 m
  • Wing area: 73.64 m²
  • Height: 2.53 m (excluding propellers)
  • Width, wings folded*: 3.53 m
  • Interior cockpit width: 0.95 m
  • Cargo bay lengths*: 1.86 m / 3.69 m
  • Cargo bay width min/max***: 0.7 m / 1.25 m


* Depends on spec/grade
** Depends on engines
*** Please see the drawing

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